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Jan 14, 2019

Hello, faithful readers

Quite some time ago, when I learned I was running out of paperback copies of “Awakenings,” I made the slightly daft decision to polish the book up before reprinting it. The task turned out to be akin to replacing just a few bricks in a wall. Possible—but not easy.

I soldiered on, eventually also giving “Beginnings” and “Coalescence” the same treatment.

My main goal in editing the books was to lure new readers. I thought having a smoother-reading story would compel more people to jump into a very long series. I think the new version is a significant improvement over the original, but I don’t feel right asking my most loyal readers to pay for the second edition. Instead, I’m happy to send you the consolidated version of these three for free. Just send a note to and tell me if you’d like an ePub or Mobi (kindle) format.

This offer doesn’t include paperback copies. If you’d like one of those, they’re available for purchase from both Brisk Press and Amazon.