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Susan X Meagher new books available

May 28, 2015

Brisk Press is please to announce that two new Susan X Meagher books are now available for purchase in paperback and ebook formats.

ISBN 13: 978-09899895-7-2
Trade paper, 422 pp, $16.00
eBook bundle $8.00

They say there’s no going back, but Jill Henry gives it a try when she’s invited to a once close friend’s birthday party.

The Davises were her family of choice, helping her flourish despite her emotionally arid home. They’re ready, willing and able to welcome her back. But Jill doubts that welcome will remain warm if she acts on her urges to pursue a member of the clan.

Jill has created a very good life for herself, one that’s almost perfect. But when you finally meet the right woman you might just have to jump—no matter the consequences.

It’s tough to mend a frayed emotional tie, and even tougher to trust it to endure. Is creating a family, whether new or renewed, a reward worth any risk?

Renewal: Book 18 of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series
ISBN 13: 978-09899895-8-9
Trade paper, 289 pp, $14.00
eBook bundle $7.00

Renewal is the eighteenth book of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Degrees in hand, Jamie and Ryan are set to spend the summer doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Or maybe that’s just Jamie’s plan.

Ryan’s idea of relaxing includes taking a full load of summer school courses and tutoring Jennie nearly every day—nothing like Jamie’s ideal of reading, hanging out with friends and taking a few trips. They both thought being finished with school would give them so much free time they’d never be able to fill it. But that hasn’t been the case. The days just seem to fade away— another thing Ryan hates.

But as much as she hates having time slip away, her bigger irritation is the marriage preparedness class she and Jamie are involved in. For someone who loves learning, she could hardly be less interested in sharing her own feelings, and hearing about other people’s relationships. That has Jamie stumped, but she’s finding that loving Ryan O’Flaherty requires a near constant shifting of expectations. Every day brings new challenges and joys. A continual renewal of their commitment to love one another to the best of their ability.