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The Crush and Nurture (Book 14) now available

May 24, 2013

Brisk Press is pleased to announce that two new books by Susan X Meagher are now available for purchase.

E-books are available for immediate download. The print books will start shipping on Tuesday the 28th of May 2013.

The Crush by Susan X Meagher
395 pages

Aldo Bagnolesi finally has what he's long wanted. Control of the family winery in Tuscany. The only little detail is that someone has to manage the place for a few years. He's far too involved in his company to leave on such short notice, but his daughter…

Despite her worries, Nicola agrees to step up to the plate, even though her interest in Italy and wine is sorely lacking. Her father will relieve her in two years. How bad could two years in one the prettiest places on earth be?

The transition is tough and she’s achingly lonely. Nic knows nothing about running a winery and can’t talk to the workers or the wine maker. She's desperate for connection; for any semblance of her former busy social life. The closest gay bar is in Florence. She heads out—determined to at least talk to someone she has one thing in common with. To her delight, she finds not just a willing lesbian, but a sexy one—who seems equally interested in her.

It's crazy to put so much importance on a chance meeting. But sometimes, you have to throw your doubts to the winds and see what the universe has in store for you.

Nurture: Book 14 of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series by Susan X Meagher
275 pages

It's been just three short months since Jamie and Ryan's traumatic Christmas. They've worked through a lot, but Ryan's not progressing nearly as quickly as she wishes. She craves time alone with Jamie and stability in every other area. But she's had little of either. Sports, travel, and a massive independent study have stretched her to the breaking point. Jamie would do anything to help, but she's learning it's tough to help someone who refuses to acknowledge weakness.

After Mia’s disastrous fight with her parents, she can’t stand the thought of being separated from Jordan. Without question, it would be crazy to drop out of school just two months short of graduation. But Mia's an inventive thinker, and she has a few creative ideas to game the system.

Things aren't going well for Jim Evans, either. Being a senator has its perks, but his stance on gay marriage is causing a rift with Jamie as well as Kayla. At a loss, he turns to his father for advice on how to handle the women in his life. Charles is always willing to help, but Jim doesn't have a great track record when it comes to changing his behavior.

Love, care and understanding can help get past many of the hurdles life puts in our way. All of us need to be nurtured to thrive. But sometimes it's hard to open up and accept the love that's right in front of us.