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GCLS Awards - Outsiders

Jul 2, 2010

The Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS), at it's convention in Orlando this past June, awarded Outsiders the Goldie for the best Short Story Collection for 2009. Here is a note from Susan about her experience attending the convention.

The 2010 GCLS conference was, by far, the best one I’ve attended--and not just because I won an award! (But I must admit that didn’t hurt ).

The entire organization has a new, upbeat, friendly feel that was sometimes missing in the past. I know all of the board members worked like dogs to plan for and wrangle the event into fruition, but they were all still happy and calm. So, if you’ve attended a past conference and weren’t wild about it--give it another try next year. I assure you that you’ll like the new vibe. They’ve managed to keep the best of the past and infuse the organization with optimism. That’s tough to do, but they’ve managed it.

It was great to meet a big group of con virgins, which included women from Sweden, Holland, Belgium, England and Australia. Start planning next year’s trip now, all of you international folks. We’ll be back in Orlando next year, but the con might move after that. So get on board to see Mickey while you’re assured he’ll be close by!

That reminds me of one of the benefits of membership in GCLS. Is only $10, and your voice will be heard when we’re voting on where future cons will be held. If you’d like to have it close to your region, join up so you can vote. You’ll be glad to know that scholarships are available for people who’d like to come but haven’t been able to afford the cost. You’ll still have to get there, so join up so you can start a movement to have it within driving distance of your home.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll find that the board would love to have help with planning and organizing, as well as help with the actual conference. It’s a great way to meet some nice people and have some folks to pal around with once you get to the con. I hear from people all of the time who say they feel like the only lesbians on earth. Going to the con will let you know that’s not true. It’s a nice, long weekend with people who don’t just tolerate your orientation--they’re really happy you’re a member of the club.

I’m going to participate more next year, and I hope a lot of you will join me. It’s the most lesbian place on earth!

You can buy your copy of Outsiders either in book form or in e-book form at the website.