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E-books are here!!!!!

Dec 6, 2009

It's hard to believe but we're finally live!!

You can now purchase and download every book we have published. You will find links to the e-book ordering page and an e- book FAQ.

You will receive three formats all zipped together for faster downloading and so you don't have to buy additional formats if you have multiple reading devices. You decide which format you prefer, load it to your device of choice and start reading!

Wowza! We're excited!

We thought long and hard about the price. We think that not having the actual printed book takes away a significant part of the reading experience so we've priced them at 1/2 of the paper price.

You can go back and download the file again if you lose or change your reader. We're trying to be sensitive to changing technology and the desire many of us have to buy the newest technogadgets.

We have a fairly comprehensive FAQ that we hope will answer your questions.