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New Titles - available now

Oct 29, 2009

Hello, all

Many of you have already placed order for "Intentions," "Outsiders" and "The Legacy."

For newer readers I'll remind you of what's what.

"Intentions" is the 9th book in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series by Susan X Meagher.

"Outsiders" is a collection of 5 novellas from me, Lynn Ames, Georgia Beers, J.D. Glass and Susan Smith. It's not erotica and it's not your usual anthology. Each story is a fully realized tale with character development and all that good stuff.

"The Legacy" is my latest novel. It's the story of two women who meet in Rehoboth Beach, DE and form a tentative bond mostly based on attraction and chemistry. They're both mature; they're secure in their sexuality, their careers and their families. They have some things to work through to form a relationship, and that's the fun part (in my view!)

I describe the book this way because those are the questions I ask when I consider buying a romance. If you're like me--you'll like it! Heck, you'll probably like it even if you're not like me.

Thanks for your support, everyone. It's much appreciated.