Publishing news and notes > Cherry Grove and Fidelity (book six) now available
Cherry Grove and Fidelity (book six) now available

Jun 19, 2007

Brisk Press has just finished publishing the following new
books by Susan X Meagher.

Cherry Grove - $16.00

When Hayden rented a house in Cherry Grove on Fire
Island for the summer she was looking for nothing more than
a quiet place to write. Accessible only by ferry, the
island promised to give her the solitude she needed. But
she hadn't counted on the allure of the ferry driver; a
headstrong, proud, prickly woman named Gina.

Gina is happy with her life , and she's not quite ready
to get into another relationship. But Hayden gets under her
skin, and they wind up making a very quick trip to bed.
Once that itch is scratched the women have to decide if
there's more between them than lust. They're both fairly
certain that their lives are too different to really mesh,
but...still...there's something that keeps leading them
back to bed.

Is steaming-hot sex enough to build a relationship on?
Find out in Cherry Grove.

Fidelity - Book Six of the I Found My Heart In San
Francisco series - $14.00

Jamie, Ryan, their friends, families and the times they
live in are chronicled in the series, which was created for
the reader who hates to have a book end just when it’s
getting good.

In Fidelity, the new lovers are forced to determine if
absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Jamie’s
headed to Rhode Island to back-up her vow to spend more
time with her mother, and Ryan’s going to Santa Cruz to
prepare for the upcoming volleyball season.
A week isn’t a long time when it’s measured against a
lifetime commitment, but in the “can’t breathe without you”
stage of their nascent relationship they view their
separation with a mixture of dread and resignation.
One person who’s very happy to have the couple separated
is Jamie’s father. He takes the opportunity to make his
objections to their bond more than clear—in his usual
manipulative way.

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