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New book in the I Found My Heart Series: Yearnings

Mar 10, 2024

We are happy to announce the next blockbuster novel in the I Found My Heart in San Fransisco series. Yearnings - Book 25.

The ebook and paperback are available here and on Amazon. Within the next couple weeks the audiobook will be available on Amazon.

Amazon link:

Yearnings is the penultimate chapter in the “I Found My Heart In San Francisco” series. We’ve traveled along with Jamie, Ryan, Mia, Jordan, a boatload of O’Flahertys, a smaller number of Evanses, and a huge supporting cast for seven years of their topsy-turvy lives. Now, as we speed toward the end of the series, we find Jamie and Ryan at yet another turning point. Is it time to add a member to the clan?

Given they’re providing physical and emotional support to Mia and Jordan, while trying to stay on track in building their house, along with Ryan spinning her wheels in finishing her dissertation, this doesn’t feel like the ideal time to add in the complications of getting pregnant without a ready supply of genetic material.

Ryan, however, is quite sure this is as good a time as any, easily able to ignore all of the concerns that keep Jamie up at night. Look before you leap has never been her motto.

Jamie obviously loves her enough to give in almost every time, but this time the issue is bigger, and has more widespread implications than most. She might have to woefully disappoint Ryan right when the stakes are the highest.

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