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MOSAIC - new Susan X Meagher book

Mar 8, 2021

Brisk Press is proud to announce a new novel by Susan X Meagher. Log in to to purchase either the paperback or the eBook.

ISBN 13: 978-1-7343038-1-0
Paperback, 420 pp, $16.00
eBook bundle $8.00

When you’re a single lesbian who’d prefer to be partnered, it pays to keep your eyes peeled—even at work.
Kelsey Maliar blew into Summer Hayes’ shop on a frosty cold morning, and within a few minutes things had warmed up significantly. By the end of the week they were having a great first date, followed by another, and still another.
Everything seemed perfect, something neither of them had a lot of experience with. But they were both ready to put in the work this time, having learned that the end result was well worth the effort.
Nearly every couple reaches a few forks in the road when they’re starting out, but things sailed along very smoothly—until they didn’t.
What do you do when a woman who’s remarkably close to perfect struggles with an issue that wouldn’t bother the vast majority of people—but is a hot-button for you? Is it a positive grown experience to work through an emotional challenge together? Or is self-protection the wise choice?
They’ve both tried to understand the path to love, but the manual’s really hard to comprehend. If they can stick to their resolve, they should be able to hurdle this roadblock. But can they?