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I Found My Heart In San Francisco is the mammoth saga of two young women, their families, their friends, and their city.

This consolidated story contains the first three episodes, totaling over 1100 pages.

Ryan O’Flaherty is a larger-than-life character as she strides into her psych class at Cal-Berkeley. Every member of “The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience” class locks onto the striking woman when she takes her seat. But when Jamie Evans, ostensibly straight, definitely engaged, is one of the most gobsmacked witnesses to Ryan’s entrance, she spends the whole session trying to figure out why she can’t take her eyes off of her.

Over the next ten months, every part of Jamie’s life changes in earth-shaking ways. Some of those changes are troubling, but most of them bring her a kind of joy she’d never known possible.

Their story covers every part of their lives, developing slowly to show just how hard, yet rewarding, being your true self can be.