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Enter the exciting world of horse archery with the heavily anticipated new sports romance from award-winning sapphic author Rachel Spangler

Kye Manchester is no stranger to ambition. She sacrificed more than she cares to admit to become a highly acclaimed actress. Now more than a decade after her big break, her prospects are waning, and in a moment of desperation, she tells a lie that sends her spiraling back to where she started, and to the one woman she swore she’d never let herself need again.

Fletcher Bouchard isn’t just Kye’s first love and her greatest heartbreak, she’s also a world-champion mounted archer in a unique position to help Kye gain the skills she needs with a horse and bow, only she has no inclination to do so. Tensions flare immediately after Kye returns to their small hometown, and neither woman knows how to back down where the other is concerned. Driven, wounded, and resentful, they also happen to be the only person in each other’s lives who understands how to walk the razor’s edge between sanity and obsession.

The two women reluctantly agree to work together under the common goal of getting back to the lives they each built in spite of the other. However, during long days and nights of training, embers of the past rekindle fires hot enough to incinerate their defenses. As arrows and tempers fly, will passion burn hot enough to push Kye and Fletcher past old patterns in search of true healing? Or will the sharp point of lingering pain shatter their second chance at the love story of a lifetime?

Quiver is an enemies-to-lovers, ice queen romance about the power of love, redemption, and the choices that make us who we are.