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Wonder - Book 23 - eBook

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Susan X Meagher

ISBN 13: 978-0-9987907-8-7

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March, 2020


Wonder is the twenty-third book of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.


It’s back to the Emerald Isle for a big chunk of the O’Flaherty clan, as O’Flaherty Cousins does their first road trip construction project.


Kieran, Niall, Colm, and Donal have never visited, but they’re heartily welcomed by the locals, especially Aisling, who can’t wait to get her hands on a certain tile man. She and Colm just have to keep their new relationship a secret until they’re sure it’s solid. That should be a snap while living in a small hotel filled with prying relatives!


For short periods of time, Jamie loves being in the small village, but Ryan has unlimited love for any town filled with family members. Finding a balance is a challenge, but that’s what they’re trying, haltingly, to master. When everything is in harmony, they’re amazed, beguiled, and filled with wonder at the power of their love.