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Trust - Book 20 - e-book

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  • Author: Susan X Meagher
  • eBook zip file: 280 Pages
  • Publisher: Brisk Press (February, 2016)
  • Language: English

Home again. At last.


Their month in Australia had been wondrous in every way. But four weeks away from home has both Ryan and Jamie missing their family. It’s going to be sweet to get back into their regular routine. Now that Jennie’s in the mix, things will change a little, but the O’Flaherty-Evans-Smith team is eager to welcome her into the clan. But things rarely go exactly as planned when Jennie is involved. Catherine’s determination to provide a safe, secure home for the girl is strong. It remains to be seen if it’s strong enough to reach the wounded parts of Jennie’s psyche.


Ryan’s ready to get back to work as an unpaid laborer, and Jamie’s just as eager to return to her life of leisure. Two people could hardly have more diverse definitions of “taking time off.” Given that Ryan’s always got a few irons in the fire, it’s no surprise she’s ready to take aggressive action to flush away the vestiges of the carjacking. Whether she can do that by force of will is another question that awaits an answer.


Now that Mia and Jordan are back in Berkeley, they have to get their own routine going. Mia’s certain she can find a lucrative career with her American Studies degree in her clutches, but Jordan’s resigned to low wages and a bad schedule while she finishes up her degree. While they’re both very thankful to be back home, closeness simply gives Mia and Anna Lisa more opportunities to drive each other crazy—something they’re both masters at.


The O’Flaherty Cousins construction project is rolling along at a good clip. But the boyos have put in a tremendous amount of work, giving up every weekend to complete the task. Now it’s decision time again. Will the rewards make up for the sacrifices?


Every relationship has its challenges. But most of them can be overcome by love and commitment and, most of all, Trust.