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Susan X Meagher

ISBN 13: 978-1-7343038-6-5

Trade paper, 323 pp, $16.00

August 2022


After a sudden, dramatic, devastating breakup, Dex and Tracy tried their best to continue being good moms to their daughter Kendall. But they accomplished that in a unique way. Family members served as go-betweens, allowing Dex to have frequent visits with Kendall, while not interacting with Tracy at all. No visits, no calls, no emails, no texts. They have spoken not a single word since the night that Dex was banished from their home.

Surprisingly, Kendall handled the split very well. Her parents’ lives ran on parallel tracks with no drama whatsoever. They were deeply involved with Kendall’s life, just not each other’s.

Now she’s about to graduate from college, and her fondest desire is to have both Dex and Tracy attend her celebration. But since she learned early on that her moms would never choose to share space, she’s had to get creative.

Their forced meeting careens from anger to tears to slap-stick to tender reminiscences. And that’s just in the first hour.

Kendall’s thrilled to be getting exactly what she wanted, and now that the wall of silence has been breached, there might be space for more. Maybe much more…