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Friday Night Flights

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Susan X Meagher

ISBN 13: 978-1-7343038-0-3

Trade paper, 457 pp, $16.00

February, 2020


Who are you? Is the real you a moving target or is there an essence that remains unchanged?


Avery Nichols is certain that she is a better, more evolved person than she was when she left home for college. But not everyone has watched her mature. When she returns to her childhood home, the one person she most wants to get close to is also the one whose impression of her remains fixed in the past.


Casey Van Dyke wants to think the best of Avery, but old hurts have a way of calcifying when they’re not explored. They both want to be closer, they both long for connection, but their images of who they are now and who they were then keep getting in the way. To get past their stumbling blocks, they have to open their hearts, something neither of them has excelled at. They’re both motivated, but is that enough?