E-book Catalog for Brisk Press titles



Brisk Press is happy to be able to provide three digital formats for each title:

Mobipocket (.prc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and ePub format (.epub)

Your download will be a compressed zip file that includes all three formats. You must download to a computer, unzip the download and then transfer the appropriate file format to your reader. It will not work to download to a phone or iPad.


Once your payment is complete you will be provided with a link to download your purchase. If you use a credit card you will be asked to use an an express checkout login which will allow you to download your purchase from the "Downloads" page (this feature is not available with PayPal payments).

Please Note that the link to download the file will be on the final confirm page after you pay.  If you use PayPal you will not be able to download the books once you log out. 

If you have questions see the e-book FAQ.

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All prices are in US dollars